Mirek Górski

24 January 2018

My name is Mirek Górski. I live in Silesia region of Poland, but I come from Eastern Borderlands. This without doubt had an effect on my non-consistent character, auto-destructive habits and ever lasting hunt for mysticism. I picked up mobile photography around 3 years ago (I have problems with dates, everything seems recent to me) but I tend to think that I’m just doing photos. That’s it.

I love traversing urban spaces, the bigger, the merrier. I’m getting lost in them, I walk them days and nights, playing a very personal game with people I meet and photograph. There’s no theory here from one of the knows schools of photography. I do not intend to make anything eternal, I don’t seek for ideal light, I don’t consciously improve my craft. I just play. This is maybe why I never won any big photo competition, I usually don’t remember to contribute to them. I stay distanced to my photography. I’m mainly active within Instagram and a couple of Facebook groups.

Presently I’m an admin of one of the better street photo hub named Capturestreets, I’m also chief editor in Friendsinstreets and one of the creators of Deep Black Magazine project. Plus a member of a new 1708st collective. My photos have been exhibited in Italy, Turkey, Mexico and Peru. The most precious for me so far was invitation to take part in the Faces on World project, which had its final exhibit in Ankara.

This is how to find me in the Net:

My Instagram

Visual Diary

Deep Black Magazine

Friends in Streets



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