Łukasz Gurbiel

Łukasz Gurbiel

16 October 2013

I am an urban kind of guy. I love the city. I was born in the city and I live in the city. I love to photograph it. It always inspires me and it is the main theme of my pictures. Not the people who live in it, but it is the city itself — as a part of space so heavily modified by human hands. I am also attracted to minimalism, especially abstract minimalism. I have given up this subject lately, but I’m going to return to it.

I have been taking photos for pleasure for a long time – exactly, for 25 years – with short or long intervals. I grew up on b&w analog photography. In those days I spent a lot of time in the darkroom. I think analogue photography taught me to care about image composition at the stage of taking a photo.

In mid-2012 I discovered mobile photography. I can say I experienced then a kind of revelation. The possibility to play with it in every spare moment and each stage of digital photography evolution charmed me a lot.

In June 2012, under the pseudonym sollyth, I have started publishing articles on mobile photography on my blog Fotokomórkomania.


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