Łukasz Gurbiel

Łukasz Gurbiel

16 October 2013

I am an urban kind of guy. I love the city. I was born in the city and I live in the city. I love to photograph it. It always inspires me and it is the main theme of my pictures. Not the people who live in it, but it is the city itself — as a part of space so heavily modified by human hands. I am also attracted to minimalism, especially abstract minimalism. I have given up this subject lately, but I’m going to return to it.

Kamil Kawczyński

17 October 2013

Mobile photography for me is more than a form of spending free time. It’s a mission, which I;m trying to show other people, we can take amazing photos such as DSLR. Usually I avoid applying any filters and effects to photos, although I’ve got some exceptions. Instead to waste my time for postproduction, I use my knowledge of manual settings of a camera in a phone.

Cezary Dziadurski

14 December 2013

Unlike the majority of mobile photographers I use Symbian-based Nokia phones for my photos. This platform is out of photo processing apps, so it demands more creativity and seeking of alternative ways to get desired effect.

Michał Szklanowski

24 January 2014

While doing my everyday job, which is designing mobile and web application, I suddenly realized the potential in camera hidden in the devices we are carrying all the day with us. Since then I record the life around me using camera in my smartphone.

Mirek Górski

24 January 2018

My name is Mirek Górski. I live in Silesia region of Poland, but I come from Eastern Borderlands. This without doubt had an effect on my non-consistent character, auto-destructive habits and ever lasting hunt for mysticism. I picked up mobile photography around 3 years ago (I have problems with dates, everything seems recent to me) but I tend to think that I’m just doing photos. That’s it.