RNI Films CC – 01 Review

21 October 2018

RNI Films CC – 01 is a very interesting proposition for people that seriously want to experiment with analogi film simulations on both desktop and mobile.

RNI Flashback Review

25 June 2016

RNI Flashback – second iOS app from a small UK-based photographic startup ReallyNiceImages, offers an interesting twist in the analog film simulation genre of AppStore apps. In this article we have a closer look at the app and examine its capabilities.

RNIFilms comprehensive review

11 November 2015

In this article we will thoroughly examine the analog film simulation app RNIFilms, developed by Really Nice Images.

Big come-back of Snapseed 2.0

12 May 2015

Mobile photographers have quickly polarized their feelings with regard to newly released Snapseed 2.0: some love it and some hate it. In this article we will take a look at the new features offered by Snapseed and how they change the mobile photographic workflow.

Is Enlight able to enlighten your mobile photos? Part 1

25 March 2015

The App Store is crowded with apps. Photo apps as well. There are thousands of them. So for a newcomer it is not really easy to stand out from the crowd of apps that already exist. Enlight is one of the recent attempts to challenge the existing status quo by providing the very comprehensive all-in-one package, that aims to make many of the single-purpose photo apps no longer needed/necessary. Michal Szklanowski checks if it lives up to the promise.

Uncovering secrets of mobile image editing with Pixelmator for iPad

17 December 2014

When it comes to image editing, there is one gold industry standard, that all the professionals use: Photoshop. For the rest of us, who do not photoshop images for a living, a small company named Pixelmat Ltd created an editor that nicely fills the gap between the amateur photo tools usually found in the operating system and the professional tools like Photoshop. This review will examine the new Pixelmator iPad app from the mobile photographer’s point of view. We will briefly mention other app features, which make it an ideal candidate for an artist, however we will focus on the features that allow you to effectively and painlessly post-process your mobile photos.