Exclusive interview with Jack Hollingsworth

3 October 2015

An exclusive interview with Jack Hollingsworth, one of the ne of the most prolific and impactful mobile photographers in the world.

If you have no composition, you have nothing at all – the interview with Thomas Kakareko

16 January 2014

You most probably already heard about Thomas Kakareko and his photographic works. This incredible talented mobile photographer from Berlin became very famous not only in his home country but also abroad. His instantly recognizable style of documenting life on the street brought him legions of fans in the Instagram photo network (he is being followed by more than 470 thousand people). It is our great pleasure to bring you the interview with Thomas, done by Damian Nowosadzki.

The missing manual for Instagram – interview with Philippe Gonzalez, founder of Instagramers.com

30 August 2013

The Next Web – one of the most influencial services about the technology in the world – named Instagramers.com as „the missing manual for Instagram”. And they were right – you can spend hours on Instagramers.com browsing through a lot of tips and advices. Instagramers.com is recognised as the best place to start your mobile photography career and to become a part of world’s best mobile photographers society. The man behind Instagramers.com is Philippe Gonzalez, who agreed to be interviewed by Pawel Ratajczak.

Richard Koci Hernandez

Holy Graal of digital photography – an interview with Richard “Koci” Hernandez

23 July 2013

Richard “Koci” Hernandez is an excellent and very popular mobile photographer. He is an Emmy Award winning visual journalist who worked as a photographer for over 15 years and also a two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. “Koci” has agreed to answer our questions, share his knowledge and experience in mobile photography. The interview with Richard Koci Hernandez was made by Wojtek Papaj, our Mobilni group member.