Report from Poland’s first EyeEm Masterclass workshop

18 January 2015

EyeEm Masterclass is a series of workshops organized worldwide. It works thanks to a community associated with EyeEm – the mobile social network invented by a German start-up established by few fans of mobile photography.

1st Polish EyeEm Masterclass workshop held on 28th October in Toruń by Mateusz Jaszak (an EyeEm Ambassador and a member of Grupa Mobilni) and Jakub Jacek. To promote this event they created a video spot, which was recorded and processed with only smartphones.

Polish EyeEm Masterclass from Mateusz Jaszak on Vimeo.

To the workshops, held at Hanza Cafe, came not only local guests, but also the mobile photography enthusiasts from outside of Torun (more than 17 people in total). Varying level of participants’ photographic experience was the additional challenge for the organizers, but according to the participants, they stood up to the expectations. During the event, Mateusz and Jakub introduced a large portion of the basic, though non-trivial photographic knowledge. “At the very beginning, we surprised participants by showing that they are unable to distinguish pictures taken by smartphones from those taken by DSLR. Then, We presented the principles of good composition, way to customize camera settings and how to find the sources of inspiration. We adjusted the program of workshops to fit for three of the most popular mobile platforms and showcased the capabilities of various applications that we use in our daily work.” – said Mateusz.

Using experiments on their smartphones, participants had the opportunity to learn the basics of composition and the rules governing the light (most important) and their mobile hardware. Mobile photography specialists have not forgotten about photographic applications on different platforms and their capabilities, advantages and disadvantages and photgraphic accessories. During break time they responded to a lot of questions, often going beyond the mobile photography theme and they explained some long-term photographic dilemmas.

After the end of the lecture, participants took part in promised photowalk through Torunian streets, where they were joined by Gosia Radziszewska (another member of Grupa Mobilni) with her family. The involvement of participants and the results of their work have shown that it is worth to distribute passion for mobile photography. The numerous and interesting questions gave us the feedback that one day is way too short to learn basic elements of photography principles.

Photos of participants can already be seen on EyeEm in EyeEm album trnEyeEmMasterClass. Please check from time to time there – images are still being added.
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