Report and photos from first Polish international photography exhibition: “Slowing down – The tales from our streets and backyards”

27 October 2014

Saturday evening Poznan’s Community Centre “Słońce” gathered approximately 40-50 photography enthusiasts. They have come from abroad and from various Polish cities: Cracov, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Poznan itself in order to attend the opening of first Polish international mobile street photography exhibition, named: “Slowing down – The tales from our streets and backyards”.

Such an exhibition is first of its kind in Poland. The organizers managed to show in a single room photos by 45 remarkable mobile photographers, representing seven countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Italy and United States. Next to the work of our fellow photographers from the “Mobilni” group and instagrammers from Igers Gdansk, hung the photos of Richard “Koci” Hernandez, Thomas Kakareko, Greg Schmigel, Philippe Gonzalez, Gulio Giacconi and many other famous characters from the world of mobile photography. The main subjects of presented photos are people – seemingly isolated from the city buzz and turmoil, living in their own world of intime talks, holding back and calm – and yet being an important element of city landmark. On the photos from exhibition “Slowing down…” you will see street musicians, elderly citizens resting on their benches, couples in love staring at each other…

The opening kicked off at around 7pm with very nice atmosphere that stayed during whole of the event. Dorota Drabent, the manager of Community Centre “Słońce” welcomed the guests. Then, Michał Koralewski, exhibition’s curator, explained the background idea behind the exhibition and invited to the stage all the exhibited photographers that have come in person to the event. The official part of the event was concluded by Władysław Nielipiński from Regional Public Library, who explained about ongoing the Great Poland Regions’s Photography Festival (under the name of I. Zjeżdżałka), within which the “Slowing down…” exhibition was held. After the official part it came the time for which all the people were waiting – watching and commenting photos, passionate talks about mobile photography and photography itself. The host offered champagne, fruits and cakes to facilitate the discussions.

During the second part of the event it was presented 24th tome of the series “Photographers of Great Poland region”, solely dedicated to interview with Michał Koralewski (founder of the “Mobilni” group), done by Krzysztof Szymoniak, the series creator. The recording of the interview was published in 58 page booklet titled “Photomobile photographer in the Internet age“, which was distributed among the exhibition participants. Michał Koralewski appeared back on stage, asking photographers that came to talk about their photographic adventure. As the first appeared Adrian Werner, a representative of local instagrammers group Igers Gdansk, who familiarized people with the ideology of the collective. Next up, Jana Dubravcikova told the story about Czech mobile photography and her own experience and then Krzysztof Górny  from the “Mobilni” group was talking about his unusual passion: urban exploration of lost places. A closing word was done by Thomas Kakareko, who was presenting the beginnings of his photographic career.

The meeting of mobile photography enthusiasts was finished shortly about 9pm, large part of the audience continued the discussions until late night in one of the Poznan’s pubs at the Old Square Market. The exhibition can be seen until end of October in the same place – Community Center “Słońce” in Poznan.

And as usual, we would like to thank our colleagues, friends, relatives and families and all the guest, for coming and meeting us at the exhibition. The atmosphere was very cool and we are so grateful that you could accompany us in this very important for us day.

We thank you all!

PS. There are a couple of booklets dedicated to Michal Koralewski still left. If you are interested, you can pick one of them in Poznan (please email us at An electronic version is also available (in both Polish/English), available to download here.

The remaining photos we have received from our guests:

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An exhaustive list of photographers whose photos were shown on the Saturday’s exhibition:

Moritz Möller

Emil Pakarklis

Philippe Gonzalez

Richard „Koci” Hernandez

Greg Schmigel

Thomas Kakareko

Damian Pietrangeli

– Czech iPhoneographers: Kristina Růčková, Jana Dúbravčíková, Irena Kameníková, Jan Václavík, Michal Bulíř, Martin Domanský, Luboš Jančí, Adam Kos, Norbert Kovács, Pavel Kašík

– GoodFellas: Giovanna Taddei, Barbara Crotti, Alessandro Greganti, Giulio Giacconi, Laura Onorato, Roberto Boassa, Sara Paolini, Simone Cento, Valentina Martiradonna

– Igers Gdansk: Waldemar Nowak, Adrian Werner, Przemysław Zdybel, Agnieszka Rogowska, Monika Proć, Ala Woźniak, Dariusz Sobiecki, Beata Wietrzykowska, Jarosław Marciuk, Tomasz Olszewski

– The “Mobilni” Group: Wojtek Papaj, Krzysztof Górny, Michał Szklanowski, Kamil Kawczyński, Gosia Radziszewska, Michał Koralewski, Łukasz Gurbiel, Czarek Dziadurski, Adam Oczkoś, Rafał Piotrzkowski

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