Mobile Week 3.0 — weekly photo review, 87th special RNI edition

4 July 2016

Last week our contest was running under the special tag #mobilnytydzien87_rni which gathered around 1200 photoszgromadził. The week’s moderator was Michał Szklanowski. It was a special week with prizes founded by folks from @ReallyNiceImages, who are giving away 3 Lightroom preset packs from RNI, each worth 122$.

RNI Flashback Review

25 June 2016

RNI Flashback – second iOS app from a small UK-based photographic startup ReallyNiceImages, offers an interesting twist in the analog film simulation genre of AppStore apps. In this article we have a closer look at the app and examine its capabilities.

RNIFilms comprehensive review

11 November 2015

In this article we will thoroughly examine the analog film simulation app RNIFilms, developed by Really Nice Images.

Exclusive interview with Jack Hollingsworth

3 October 2015

An exclusive interview with Jack Hollingsworth, one of the ne of the most prolific and impactful mobile photographers in the world.

Big come-back of Snapseed 2.0

12 May 2015

Mobile photographers have quickly polarized their feelings with regard to newly released Snapseed 2.0: some love it and some hate it. In this article we will take a look at the new features offered by Snapseed and how they change the mobile photographic workflow.

Unobtrusive photography with COVR Photo

30 April 2015

After four months of intensive testing under different weather conditions and ever changing lighting, after walking nearly 800 kilometers while photographing streets of Poznan, Cracov, Berlin and Barcelona, I’m clear: COVR Photo is one of the most interesting gadgets for a mobile photographer I have ever seen.

War is a mirror that reflects the darkest side of man – the interview with Thomas Hurst, war photojournalist and inventor of COVR Photo

30 April 2015

Interview with Thomas Hurst – an award-winning american photojournalist. Thomas has earned three World Press Photo awards, “Photograph of the Year” from Editor and Publisher magazine and was a finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize. Inventor of COVR Photo lens case.

Is Enlight able to enlighten your mobile photos? Part 1

25 March 2015

The App Store is crowded with apps. Photo apps as well. There are thousands of them. So for a newcomer it is not really easy to stand out from the crowd of apps that already exist. Enlight is one of the recent attempts to challenge the existing status quo by providing the very comprehensive all-in-one package, that aims to make many of the single-purpose photo apps no longer needed/necessary. Michal Szklanowski checks if it lives up to the promise.

Mobile photo exhibition “Slowing down…” in Tricity

18 January 2015

It is our pleasure to invite all the mobile photo enthusiasts to Gdynia for the second opening of exhibition „Slowing down — The tales from our streets and backyards”. It is the first of its kind exhibition in Poland, where in a single place you can admire photographs from over 40 mobile photographers, whose creative work you can normally see only on the smartphone screen.

Report from Poland’s first EyeEm Masterclass workshop

18 January 2015

EyeEm Masterclass is a series of workshops organized worldwide. It works thanks to a community associated with EyeEm – the mobile social network invented by a German start-up established by few fans of mobile photography. 1st Polish EyeEm Masterclass workshop held on 28th October in Toruń by Mateusz Jaszak and Jakub Jacek.

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